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I am Indre and I study Web development at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.

Here are some of my projects

Design concept and development (WordPress, Elementor)

To solve a case for a company, I had to come up with a visual identity for a personal trainer and implement it within a week. Requirements:

The assets are dummy. I used Elementor, which I learned on the go, on a Wordpress instance.


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Secure app (LAMP stack)

This was a really interesting group project for Security for web developers elective.

The app does not have full functionality, but you can: sign-up, login, chat with other users real-time, upload an image.

For this app, the UI was not important, as the focus was on making it secure without using any frameworks.

We focused on 3 design principles: Securing the weakest link, Economy of Mechanism and Defense in Depth.

Among other things, I learned how to harden the server, implement a simple firewall, add a SSL cert as well as exciting things like HTTP headers. The stack is LAMP and it was deployed from my virtual private server over SFTP.

We pentested using OWASP ZAP.

See the source code
See it live and try to hack it. Or pentest it
Twitter clone (desktop version)

Individual project. This is just to show my HTML & CSS skills.


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Artist portfolio website

This was a group project, where we developed a digital presence for a Polish painter and photographer.


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A static site built with HTML, CSS, JS

A site for a web development job test following provided design guidelines. Includes a slider, multiple article modals per page, search function, pagination.


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A calendar app built with HTML, CSS, JS

A test task I did for a company as part of a front-end development job application. Only HTML, CSS, vanilla JS, no frameworks etc. allowed. I used sessionStorage to store data (it was a requirement).


What did I learn from this? Well, first of all, never used sessionStorage like this before, I only ever worked with PHP sessions in the past. Also, now I know what HTMLSelectElement.setCustomValidity() is about! And..dealing with different date formats takes some time to master, I guess, so now I will definitely feel the pain when stumbling upon date formats discussion on Stack Overflow.

P.S. Tested on the Chrome browser only.


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